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Khayelitsha Community Development Centre

Home to 1.5 million people, Khayelitsha is the youngest and largest black township in Cape Town – sprawling across an area of nearly 50 kilometres².

While housing projects have been established in the area, new shacks of wood, tin and even cardboard continuously spring up on every available inch of vacant land, to accommodate the steady stream of people arriving from the Eastern Cape in search of work.

The main focus of the Masiphuhlisane CDC is on ensuring that community/government structures perform more effectively – encouraging the people to get involved in the development of their own community, meet local counsellors and facilitate capacity building.

However, there is still a huge need for welfare services and the Centre provides blankets, plastic building materials, food vouchers and clothing to destitute and vulnerable men, women and children.

During the winter months, crisis relief becomes a big part of our work, as we reach out to those made homeless by floods and runaway fires.