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Community Development Centres (CDCs)

Community Development Centres are the gateways between CWD and the communities it serves. The main aim of the centres is to contribute to creating self-reliant communities by providing quality and relevant services that are accessible at a community level in order for people to have a stake in their own development. CDC’s provide a hub of activities that promote and contribute to social cohesion of which life skills are an essential part of.  Integrated services at CDCs include:

  • Support groups to the Elderly

  • Facilitating Parenting workshops and hosting other support groups

  • Referring beneficiaries to other service providers within and outside the organisation

  • Distributing donations-in-kind and other basic material in times of flood and fire disasters

  • Community feeding Kitchens

  • Trauma and Healing interventions

  • Community gardens

The CDCs also provides immediate emergency disaster relief services when flooding and fires that are common to the Western Cape occur.

Places of safety, places of hope

Life in the townships can be tough. Services and resources are slender – while poverty, unemployment and overcrowding bring the inevitable social problems: drug and alcohol abuse, gangsterism, violence against women, child abuse and neglect.

Lack of sanitation, overcrowding and hunger fan the spread of TB, HIV and AIDS and other illness.

Amidst all this, our nine Community Development Centres [CDCs] stand out as beacons of hope in the most impoverished communities.

Community hubs

They are places were community members are empowered to improve their quality of life, with regard to:

  • Meeting basic needs of food and shelter.
  • Protecting vulnerable members of the community – especially women and children – subject to abuse, neglect and exploitation.
  • Strengthing and supporting families through marriage guidance, HIV and AIDS counselling and programmes for those who abuse drugs or alcohol.
  • Creating opportunities for communities to take action with regard to issues facing them.