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    Yes, I want to make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged township people with this donation of
    * The donation amount will be processed in South African Rands (ZAR) only. If you are using a different currency, you may click on the link below for an indication of the conversion rate value.
    Please enter figures only (no letters or symbols) in the first box, and use the drop down menu to specify the currency of your gift.
    Contributions of any amount are gratefully received. However, as a guide, a gift of $20 could feed a starving child for a month, £20 could provide a pair of warm blankets and R108 covers the monthly cost of caring for a child at pre-school.
    Your donation will contribute to one or more of the below purposes:
      To provide children with sleeping bags – and to help mothers earn an income at the same time
      To give more children an early education
      To give more families safe and comfortable houses
      Crisis relief basins
      Sponsoring Jobstart training and new opportunities
      Towards the community food kitchens and nutritious meals
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    Our bank account details are:

    South Africa
    Bank Name:
         Standard Bank
    Branch/Address:     Thibault Square, Cape Town
    Account name:     CWD Grapevine
    Account number:     0708 689 13
    Our reference:     Please use your unique donor reference number
    Branch code:     020909